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Police Quiz



  • user experience
  • visual design
  • illustration
  • reporting
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Spot the Illegal Police Stop is a text-based quiz with illustrations that asks the user to identify scenarios as constitutional or not. I started this project by researching Supreme Court case law, which the scenarios are based on. The editor on my team then worked through the content details as I started the HTML and CSS, and tackled the main challenge on this project: the illustrations.

The art had to strike the right tone when paired with the content, it had to be factually accurate but also abstracted so the details weren’t misleading. The drawing style needed to fit with the overall FRONTLINE style while still feeling fresh and unique to this feature.

Illustration of a police officer stopping a car.Illustration of hands of a police officer frisking a suspect.Illustration showing footprints in the desert leading up to a pickup truck with a camper.
Illustration showing a suspect fleeing from a known drug dealing area.Illustration showing a person making an anonymous tip phone call about a gun.Illustration showing police officers stopping a car.